Become a sponsor, help us cross the Atlantic and raise money for Ocean Generation, CleanWave, and JoyRon!

Any support is greatly appreciated; please donate via our GoFundMe page or check the bottom of the page for our bank details. For larger contributions here’s what we offer in return ?

250 Club


Donate £250 by yourself, as a company, or as a group of people. Become a member of the 250 club and you’ll get:

  • A message of thanks via all our social media channels
  • Your name on the boat

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Corporate Sponsor

£5k Corporate

The greatest volume of our sponsorship comes from small-to-medium businesses. In return for your generosity we offer marketing for your brand in various ways. If you’re interested in an opportunity to sponsor team with a far reaching global audience, this could be just what you’re looking for! Let us know if you have any specific marketing requests.

  • Regular social media promotion
  • Your logo featured on the website
  • Corporate graphics on boat and team clothing

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Title Sponsor


We rely on our main sponsors to help us with serious fundraising. What does your donation get you?

  • Regular social media promotion
  • Prominent graphics on the boat, website, and team clothing
  • A personal appearance after the event (after dinner talk, for example–honestly, we’re open to suggestions!)

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What will my donation be used for?

Supporters always want to know what their donations will be used for, and rightly so. To begin with, we’ll be collecting money to enable us to complete the event. This will involve physical training, purchasing equipment, educating ourselves. Beyond that we’ll be supporting our charitable partners Ocean generation, CleanWave, and Fundación JoyRon. Read on for more FAQ.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors so far!

In Case You’re Wondering

What will you need funds for?

We’re raising money to cover the following:

– The rowing boat and all onboard equipment
– Training courses
– Supplies (food, medical)
– Training equipment

See here for more details of what we have so far and what we still need!

How much do you aim to raise?

Lots. We’re aiming for at least £100K, with around £50K being donated to charity after the event.

How can I pay you?

What a great question, happy you asked. You can make a bank transfer (details at the foot of the page), or donate funds through our GoFundMe campaign page.

Do you only accept cash donations?

No! Many of our sponsors support us by giving their time, services, or products directly. If you can help us in any way we’d love to hear from you!

Until when will you be raising funds?

We need to have raised as much as possible by the time the event begins (December 2022) but we’ll continue to campaign for our partner charities even once the event is over.

You’ve probably seen images like this one a lot in recent years, and like most people in the world it probably leaves you feeling jaded. But you should be disgusted–let’s do something about it.

As one of our charitable partners, a portion of extra money we raise through our campaign, plus the proceeds from selling our boat and equipment afterwards, will be donated to Ocean Generation. They educate individuals and businesses, helping them take responsibility and solve the plastic crisis in practical ways.

“We need to understand that many children are far less fortunate than most. Let us give them comfort, support and some level of joy and happiness.”